Black Wolf
was summoned in the summer of 1995 with DC Wolf on guitar, Martin Jay Addison on bass guitar and Al Sammons on drums. We performed, wrote and recorded songs. We disbanded in 96′ Because MJA became a father and scampered away to focus on his family, and DC moved to Marietta Georgia (Atlanta area), and Al continued playing with local bands.

Black Wolf in 1995
Black Wolf 1995 @ O’Malley’s

In Atlanta/Marietta area where DC lived for 10 years to the day. While there he taught music at Mars Music Store. He also studied Music Education at Georgia State University and Kennesaw State University where he earned his degree in Music Education with Jazz guitar as his instrument. Through those years he played in several bands; Wild Turkey, Platypus, Grey Wolf, and extra credit. Some of the musicians he played with we’re Ted Nugent’s ex-drummer Cliff Davis, Arrested Developments bassist ZA Williams, Kenny Lachnicht, Thomas Costello, Robin Daniel, Marka Ormsby, Mike Rink, Scott Phillipps, and Richard Gibson to name a few. DC also recorded an acoustic album called “Earthmoods.” Martin J Addison continued to play music around the Tri-cities. He played with Yukon and recorded an Album.

In 2007, DC moved back to the area, and Black Wolf reunited to perform and write new songs. Busy lives and the fact that the only thing permanent is “change,” lead us to go in different directions, so the wolf pack scattered.

BW @ O’Mainnins 2007
BW @ O’Mainnins 2007

Then 2017 came along and MJA was drooling like wolf’s do to create and play again, he was on the prowl with a growl. At this time Al was unable to play drums because of health issues from being a grey wolf, so Mike Stephenson heard the call of the wild. We recorded the Album “On The Prowl.” Mike’s recording studio, Classic Recording, became too busy so he retired from BW, and Martin retired not long after to focus on his solo music and songwriting.

Black Wolf 2018
Black Wolf @ O’Mainnin’s 2018

Joseph Alan joined in 2020

Black Wolf 2020

then Dion Sweat in 2021 (on Bass). We began playing and writing new material for the new album which is scheduled to be released mid September.

Dion / Joseph / DC

Dion moved back to South Carolina and the pack went on the hunt….
we found Jeremy Ratliff. The Wolf Pack continues!

Jeremy Ratliff / Joseph Allen / DC Wolf